Mount Kisco Morning
In this morning
Mount Kisco sunlight that exudes
Fluorescent flames of
Impossibility that
Kiss the mute musing
Creatives with designer
Swimwear collections, 
Screenplays, Documentary 
Meditations on 
Indigenous cultural 
Practices and jazz. 

Despite these gifts, the shadow
Poetry of Rip 
Van Winkle wakes to 
Remind the travelers that
Nature is impregnable. 

Prophet Elijah
Human rights are more
Civil, your life-long vocation
Done. To actualized civility,
Though, we still aspire.
Rest peacefully in the open
Arms of emancipation as we study
Your cross and argue
Revisions for the doctrine of
Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer.
Intermittent Flow
Intermittent flow 
Obscured by yellow and red 
Gemstones: the blockage 
Of major arteries is 
A concern for only me.
Meeting Place (There and Back)
Sleep and I will commit 
To a moment beside 
Frederick Douglass for 
Us to share when the leaves 
Catch fire.